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At Purpletab™ we believe cutting edge technology can empower a better retail experience to customers. Our retail solutions span across Jewellery, Real-Estate, Apparels, Watches, Glasses, and all retail verticals. We believe in bringing customised solutions for each of your business needs with expert consulting tailored for your retail. We are a team of talented engineers with vast experience that enables advanced solutions for your retail.

Over the past 24 months, we have provided solutions form one-man marketers to boutiques stores to billion dollar companies with pro bono support to way to grow. We are proud that our clients have used our solutions for more than 125,000 hours across 7 cities in 3 countries by servicing more than 300+ licenses with a team of 25 engineers, 10 relationship managers and 6 support staff. We are reinventing ourselves for better solutions across different retail verticals.



Enhance your customer’s in-store experience with offering them unlimited collections with a managed inventory. The DigiCatalog is a handy solution that will revolutionise buying experiences. PurpleTab™ has effectively used tablets that are android and iOS based to create a digital catalog for easy and hassle free to demonstrate your products. PurpleTab™ has currently customised its solution for retailers, business to business and manufacturing.


Your customer get to try on products (jewellery, apparel, watch or eye ware) giving them the real feeling of what the product feels like. PurpleTab™ Try-On-Gallery is a handy solution that will revolutionize buying experiences. PurpleTab™ has effectively used tablets that are android and iOS based to create a virtual store of products. PurpleTab™ uses advanced technology to enhance an in-store experience.

In-Your-Brand App

Enable your customers to browse and order from anywhere and anytime with In-Your-Brand App. We will host a downloadable version from the Apple iTunes Store & Android Market for all your customers to download the mobile applications in their phones and access your products.


Setup an e-commerce store to create online sales and customer decision making right from their computers or on the go on their mobile devices over internet. Purpletab™ infrastructure can be extended to offer eCommerce as well as B2B services. Web based Try-On is available to enable customers to try your products right from their desktop and from on the go elevating your retail experience.

Awesome Features

User Friendly Product Display

Allow customers to browse the entire product line organised by categories, featured product display to highlight new designs, searching products by price range, and keywords.

Virtual Trial Room

Customers have the privilege of trying unlimited number of products on their photo. Adjust the product to their liking, take photos or try them on preloaded models.


As a business owner you get a pack of features: Order forms with history and email, detailed pricing with caratage and Business Intelligence Reports.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced search allows users to quickly find products by using the search filters that allows search parameters. Search is one key feature, which allows retails to enable customers to be serviced quickly and spend more time with the client enabling them to create relationships.

Stock Management

Managing your inventory to service customers better is key to success. PurpleTab™ enables easily stocks management, raise memos, transfers and returns thus relieving your need to invest in multiple solutions for each of your retail needs.

Estimations and Quotations

Retails can generate detailed estimations with provision to update fluctuating prices. Estimations comes with unlimited customisation options to enable customer to place their exact requirement as orders. You can generate quotations and track them with our customisable reports.


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